Virtual Tabletop

d20Pro is our virtual tabletop solution. This product has amazing out of the box features and the capacity to be adapted to support custom content. The catch is that it is a robust application, so it may take a while to gain proficiency in the tool.

Please learn about the app before your first session by checking out their webpage and download the application to your PC.

Additionally, you will need a working microphone and a copy of the Teamspeak 3 client.

d20Pro Short cuts for players:
Keystroke Description
A Selected creature makes an attack
F Selected creature makes a Fortitude save
. (period) Selected creature makes a Hide Check
, (comma) Selected creature makes a Move Silently check
O (letter) Changes the ownership of a creature
R Selected creature makes a Reflex save
K Opens a creature’s Skill list
S Opens a creature’s Spell list
T Opens a window with in-character dialogue options
U Selected creature makes a Tumble check
E Opens a creature’s Character Sheet
W Selected creature makes a Will save

Virtual Tabletop

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