It is the 3rd day of the 1st ride in the Claw of Winter. The year is 1,372 by Dale Reckoning. The winds from the Reach blow steadily from the east; pouring over the cliffs and across the plains. Icicles glisten in place of grapes from the expansive vineyards; a small offering of beauty along an otherwise barren path.

The road from Selgaunt has been harsh. After just a day’s travel down the coastline, the morale of the small caravan already seems much reduced. Whether all of the travelers are here for sake of the lock box – the lock box no one is supposed to know about – or if some are just seeking safety in numbers remains to be seen. What is clear is the feeling that in this weather, on this road, little seems safe.

Timeline: Chapter One

1,372 Dale Reckoning

The Claw of Winter

1st Ride

2nd Day – the party sets out on foot from Selgaunt with Keelmoor and Whitehook Adventuring Company. They are headed along the Coastal Road to Wolden’s Wayfarer in Pentworth and then onward to Palegaunt.

4th Day – In the fading day the caravan is ambushed by brigands and a small goblin clan. Two members of the Whitehook and Keelmoor are slain. The lockbox is lost. Giving chase, the party finds the former lair of the gobold clan occupied by a wounded owlbear.


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