Population: ~120 humanoids (99% human)
GP Limit: varies 800 to 3000 gp1

Pentworth sets on the Gulf of Selgaunt Coastal Roadway (locally referred to as simply the Coastal Road). It provides a way station in the harshest part of the wilderness for travelers traveling between Selgaunt and Palegaunt.

Activities in Pentworth center around the expansive assembly of buildings known collectively as the Wayfarer; belonging to one Harl Wolden. Merchants, pilgrims, and adventurers are all welcome. The establishment provides food, supplies, and lodging. It also has a sizable store of trade, military, and adventuring goods for sale. Four additional buildings also sit close to the Coastal Road; each eagerly offering services to travelers.

The Longline Fisherman’s Guild supplies the coastal industry with needed tools and a merchant front for their products. The guild is closely aligned with Harl’s Wayfarer; offering identical pricing on persevered foodstuffs and exclusive sale of fresh catches.

The local smithy lacks signage or a proper name of any sort. The smith, Rogger, and his three sons make their living crafting the metal components of buildings, harnesses, and the like. They also provide basic cooper and cart making services in support of the commerce traffic.

Although much smaller than the Wayfarer, the Chapel of Prosperity is the greatest demonstration of wealth and finery in the local. The cleric, Perchea, and her acolyte, Perry, operate the house of worship to the Merchant’s friend. The ground’s dedication seems intentionally ambivalent in it’s recognition of either Lliira or Waukeen as patron. And, direct questions to the clergy procure vague responses.

The Pentworth teamsters & labors Guild is a small, well constructed building that offers basic services for merchants making their way through the hamlet. Although they don’t provide warden/guards, they do fulfill labor contracts that take shipments as far south as Selgaunt and as far north as Yhaunn. This is the newest business in the local. It employees several of the hamlets young males during their maturing years.

The remainder of the population is divided between the farms and coastal fishery the support the hamlet. In addition, there is a vast winery to the east and a glassworks along the coast to the southwest, although neither of these establishments claim attachment to Pentworth.

1 Currently the gp limit for purchases are as follows: single item = 1,000 gp; max currency available and total value of purchasable equipment: 6,000 gp. This price limit includes access to any magical items found in the Approved Supplements. See page 137 of the DMG for more details.


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