Population: ~6,000 humanoids (98% human)
Single Item Limit: 15,000 gp
Total Currency & Equipment Values: 4,500,000 gp
Aliases: “Belnoreth” (old) & “New Chancelgaunt” (new, uncommon)

There are three figureheads that currently rule Palegaunt in a forum known as The New Chauncel. Rule by triumvirate is a recent change. Previously, the city was ruled by a single mayor – most recently Mayor Thorpe. But, just as the city’s name changed from Belnoreth to Palegaunt at the insistence of its merchants, its leadership has likewise shifted.

The current members of The New Chauncel are: Hendrik Hale-Vorstek, Surleaun Hammerfast, and Reamus Thorpe

There are three places of worship within the city:
The Grand Stage of Eternity
Hall of Endless Joy
The Shrine of the Mage

There are also two faiths on the rise in the city. Some feel the Merchant’s Friend has returned and are again worshiping her in the name of Waukeen. Others are taking heed of missionaries from the north and their gospel of The Maiden


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