Hall of Endless Joy

The brightly colored hall provides services in the names of Sune and Lliira. Known as Heartwarmers and Joydancers, respectively, the clergy of love and joy work harmoniously to support the people of Palegaunt in their daily lives. Most marriage ceremonies in the city take place at the temple, regardless of individual faiths. And during some holidays it functions as a courting arena.

Joydances have served as contraction advisers for the past decade; having taking on the role of the Merchant’s Friend during the loss of Waukeen’s influence on the world. However, that function is waning as word of goddess of coins and wealth’s return spreads through the realms.

The temple is unified in the great efforts put forth into stemming the influence of Loviatar that is spreading from the North through Sembia.

The temple can provide divine spell casting services up to spell level 7.

Hall of Endless Joy

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