Getting Started Guide

What to expect

This campaign is based in the Forgotten Realms but will not be tied to its rules or predetermined plotline. It is a contextual background to provide a launching point for our creativity. Please don’t feel compelled to learn anything more than a basic overview of the setting.

The campaign will be broken up into 4 chapters. Mechanically, each chapter is roughly 5 levels of play. At the end of each chapter, we’ll discuss what we like, what we don’t like, and most importantly, whether or not we wish to keep playing.

Content will be generated for the party based upon the composition you, as players, provide. There are no requirements to include a healer, tank, etc… Instead, each player is free to create whatever compels their imaginations. Please keep in mind the impact of the Custom Rules when deciding to make a character; particularly if that character utilizes arcane magics.

Your next steps

  1. Read the Character Generation wiki page
  2. Read the Approved Supplements wiki page
  3. Read the Custom Rules wiki page

Getting Started Guide

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