Custom Rules

This campaign will use a great many custom rules that define both the traditional elements of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting and those that are explicit to our plot line.

Over the course of the game, other custom rules will be unveiled gradually. The mechanics to some may be obfuscated partially or entirely, temporarily or permanently, depending on plot progression. In general terms, arcane magic will (eventually) feel the greatest impact of custom rules interacting with it. Divine magic will see some ‘behind the curtain’ manipulation, but less so. And, physical combat capacities will provide the most consistently predictable outcomes.

Diplomacy skill

The Diplomacy skill is wholly replaced with the complete rehash provided by the awesome folks at Giant in the Playground – click here for the details.

Open Lock skill

Per the fantastic developer suggestion in the Rules Compendium, Open Lock is no longer a skill. All the functionality of Open Lock is rolled into Disable Device as a single, consolidated skill.


“Respecing” options similar to those provided in the Player’s Handbook II are available. If you feel your character needs a retroactive change in their leveling choices, we will work together to make sure the changes and methodology make sense with the context of the game.

Custom Rules

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