Character Generation

Chapter One

  • All characters are level 1 at the start of the campaign.
  • Specific material may be allowed from other supplements but only if it is paramount to your character concept; in which case custom rules are also an option.
  • Please record your character on this site in the Characters tab using the D&D 3.5 Universal Sheet.
  • Characters attributes are generated using the “High-powered campaign” Point Buy rules on page 169 of the Dungeon Master’s guide.
  • All of races in the Player’s Handbook and Monster Manual are allowed. However, if you’re interested in playing a goblinoid or other non-humanoid race, please check with me first.
  • Character starting gold is the average value provided on page 111 of the Player’s Handbook. E.g.: a barbarian character starts with 100 pieces of gold. Characters beginning play at greater than level 1 use the rules on page 199 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.
  • Gold can be spent to purchase any mundane or magical item from any of the approved source books. Please remember to save a few coins for room and board along the way to your first few adventures.
  • Characters start with maximum hit points per page 23 of the Player’s Handbook. They continue to receive max hit points per level through level 3. For each level thereafter, characters gain average hit points per level rather than random. E.g.:
    For a barbarian with a 14 constitution…
Character Level Class Level Class Hit Dice Class Hit Points Con Bonus Effective Total Hit Points
1 Barbarian 1 1d12 12 2 14
1 Barbarian 1 1d12 12 2 28
1 Barbarian 1 1d12 12 2 42
2 Barbarian 2 1d12 6.5 2 48 (rounded down from 48.5)
3 Barbarian 3 1d12 6.5 2 55
  • Any alignment is acceptable. Intra-party strife is absolutely encouraged but its up to the player to make sure their character is reasonably motivated to adventure with a group.

For Experiences Players / 3.5 Rounders
If you’re an old hand at this, please use the following guidelines when creating your characters.

  • Do not take levels in preparation spell caster classes.
  • Do not over-focus on a single function. I.e.: an AC 42 tank or a 70 damage per round sniper.
  • Do try out levels in under-represented classes and uncommonly seen approaches with competent, thoughtful builds.
  • Offer a compelling personality that complements the RP experience in and out of combat.

Character Generation

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